Jenny Baham, Art Director

Chin Jung (Jenny) Baham Resume

1969 台灣台北出生
Born in Taipei, Taiwan

1991 東吳⼤學電算系畢業
Received a Bachelor degree of Computer Science, Soochow University

1993 習國畫、書法
Learning Chinese painting and writing

2004 Royal Roads University EMBA 畢業
Received an Executives Master degree of BA, Royal Roads University

2007 作品「舞太極」入圍「2008年國際奧林匹克運動與藝術⼤賽作品甄選」
The artwork, Dancing Tai-chi, was shortlisted of the “2008 International Olympic Sports and Art Contest” Domestic selection of works

2008 進入龎均畫室習畫
Entered and trained by Master Jiun Pan Studios to refine oil painting skills (Master Jiun Pan is an internationally known and world famous artist)

2011 個展「花舞系列」(台灣)
The 1st Solo exhibition- Flamenco Dancing

2012 個展「遇⾒奇蹟」﹣新莊客旅 (台灣)
Had the 2nd Solo exhibition- Meet Miracle

2013 義賣個展「⾶越障礙」﹣新⽵⽂化局美術館(台灣)
Had the 3rd Solo Charity Bazaar exhibition (Flying Over Obstacles) at Museum of Fine Arts of Cultural Bureau, Hsinchu County, Taiwan

2014 「南內華達州⽴學院」教學:鉛筆素描及油畫
Instructor at College of Southern Nevada: Pencil Sketching and Oil Painting

2016 得獎:於「2016 拉斯維加斯國際藝術評比⼤賽」獲得「繪畫榮譽獎」
Award: “Honorable Mention in Painting” in “Las Vegas International Juried Arts Competition 2016”

2017 「內華達藝術學院」擔任藝術總監:兒童及成⼈繪畫教學
Arts Program Director at Nevada Arts Academy

2017 首次美國個展「應許之地」-拉斯維加斯圖書館 (美國)
First Solo Exhibition in the United States- Promise Land, America’s Great Landscapes at West Las Vegas Library

2017 作品入選:約書亞樹國家公園 2017 藝術大展
Artwork is selected by Joshua Tree National Park Art Expo 2017