Gu Zheng Lessons

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Academy International Inc, equivalent to a secondary school providing music, dance and art trainings to students in elementary, middle and high schools, seeks a Chinese Music Program Director.
Duties include:
Teach courses in Chinese music;Prepare curriculum;
Develop and administer assessments,
Direct school musicals or ensembles for public performance.
BA in Music required, Demonstrated ability to play Chinese music instruments such as Guzheng.
C.V. to AII, 6072 S. Durango Dr. Las Vegas, NV89113 or fax 702- 248-6969 or email

There are many techniques used in the playing of the guzheng, including basic plucking actions (right or both hands) at the right portion and pressing actions at the left portion (by the left hand to produce pitch ornamentations and vibrato) as well as tremolo (right hand). These techniques of playing the guzheng can create sounds that can evoke the sense of a cascading waterfall, thunder, horses’ hooves, and even the scenic countryside. Plucking is done mainly by the right hand with four plectra (picks) attached to the fingers. Advanced players may use picks attached to the fingers of both hands